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I strongly recommend reading this post to get an up close look at what it takes to achieve a stellar score in biology. If you wonder why your past preparation did not produce the score like other successful SDNers, or if you are unsure where you stand in your preparation in terms of the score, this breakdown might help you to assess what score you might expect on the real test.

Be honest with yourself and see which category you are in. Read CliffsAP Biology from cover to cover.


Solve the problems at the end of the each chapter. You should have missed no more than 5 per chapter. Print out Bootcamp Bio Notes. Read from cover to cover. While you read, highlight, underline, and even draw your own figures on your notes. Read very carefully.

The DAT: tips to stay sane and succeed

Know that successfully completing 40 practice questions a day is sufficient. Do not focus if you have chosen the correct answer or not. Care only to see if you are familiar with everything on that question.

Most bacterial cells reproduce by binary fission b. Bacterial cells have a single chromosome which is a circular DNA molecule which is replicated and parceled out to daughter cells c. Pili help bacteria attach to one another as a prelude to conjugation d. How do eukaryotic cells reproduce? What other reproduction method is there? Is plasmid circular DNA too? Plasmid and plasma sounds similar, I should not get these two confused.

What is pili? What are conjugation, transduction, transformation, and how do they differ? Which one involves integration of host DNA strands? Where are mucous membranes found in our body? If you have worked out a timetable for studying, ask them to look over it. Talk to them before you flunk. If you can identify and address the problems you are having early you can avoid bad grades in the first place.

You will also be seen as proactive, attentive and interested in your work.

Put your school problems into context. If your teacher only sees you once a week, it can be hard for them to know too much about you outside of class, and whether there are any circumstances that are making it hard for you to keep up with your studies. Chances are they want to understand the reasons why things are going wrong so they can better help you put them right. But if you have a teacher you trust and have a good relationship with, they could be the best choice. Approach your teacher before you get the grade. If you thought everything was going okay, but then had a really hard time in the exam, don't wait until progress reports or midterm grades are handed out.

If you are in this situation, try improving your grade for the upcoming marking period.

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Ask for extra-credit work so that you can shift your point average. Understand the grading system. If you want to talk your teacher and potentially challenge a grade you have received you need to understand the system they are using, how this influences grades and the limitations it imposes.

How to Solve the Problem

Was it an especially high-performing class? Knowing these things can help you understand the process behind the grading of your papers. Think about what kind of exam it was. Your ability to question your grade is a lot more straightforward if the test was one which had objectively correct or incorrect answers. An essay question where answers are open to at least a degree of interpretation can be much more complicated and harder to dispute. In these cases you have to remember that the person marking is not a computer and subjectivity plays a part in their responses [4].

In the case of an essay question, you can ask your teacher to go through your answer with you. Reading your essay together will give you the opportunity to understand in more detail how it was graded. Identify the reasons why you may deserve a better grade.

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Make your case. Calmly and professionally say what you believe is wrong with your grade. Find good assignments to use as examples or backup. Think of a solution that seems reasonable. This will depend on what your situation is. For example, if you did poorly on a single assignment, ask to redo it for partial credit. However, if you have a C- in the class and want to have it raised to an A- just by redoing a few assignments, your teacher will most likely say no; instead, offer to do a lot of extra credit to prove how motivated you are.

Maintain your high level. Instead of just doing your homework, highlight important parts and write neatly, and especially make sure that everything is legible and it doesn't look like it got mangled with by a prizefighter. This may add a few extra points, since many teachers count neatness as part of your homework grade. If you are turning in a report, it may be helpful to purchase a report cover to further demonstrate your care for your final product. Think about how much extra time this must take.

Be proactive and look for extra credit. Teachers will be impressed by someone going the extra mile. Not only will you score extra credit marks, but you can make a lasting good impression on your teacher. Keep your expectations reasonable. If any of these things seem unlikely to work on your teacher, don't try them. It will be a disaster. You know your teacher best, and, believe it or not, they know you too. Extra credit is designed to help bring students who have been trying in the past to further bring their grades up.

Put everything into practice. Teachers will be much more sympathetic to a hard working student who is struggling to achieve good grades than one who gets by doing as little as possible. Take it outside. Keep up the good work and be organised and enthusiastic about learning outside of the classroom.