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Across the wider lands, a peace descended, and though Elessar still at times rode against distant foes, for the people of the Two Kingdoms this was a time of prosperity and plenty. As time passed, the Shadow of Sauron became a distant memory, and strange cults and societies grew up in Gondor.

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For a full chronicle of events from the Fourth Age, see the Chronicle of Arda. The Fourth Age raises a question that tends not to apply to the preceding Ages, in that the change from the Third Age to the Fourth leaves us with three different, overlapping calendars. The New Reckoning reset the year number at the beginning of the Fourth Age, but the Shire-reckoning continued without a break. What's more, we occasionally see years of the Fourth Age expressed in terms of the Third. It's therefore necessary to find a consistent way to convert between the three dating methods. There are several points in The Lord of the Rings where Tolkien gives us the same date using various systems, so in principle it should be easy to make the calculation.

A problem arises, however, because Tolkien uses two different conversions in different parts of the book. Using this system, we can convert a Third Age date into a Fourth Age date by simply subtracting 3,, or to convert Shire years, we subtract 1, A more involved approach is to consider the last year of the Third Age to also be the first of the Fourth. This idea is supported by another reference in Appendix D:. This is explicit that there was an overlap between the two systems, at least in official records. On this system, then, we would convert years of the Third Age to the Fourth by subtracting 3,, and Shire years by subtracting 1, Though this appears to be the 'official' calculation, there are actually fewer examples of it in practice to be found in The Lord of the Rings :.

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Method B is stated as the 'official' mode of calculation, but in the actual text Method A is used more commonly. For the purposes of conversion on this site, we use Method A which is not only more intuitive, but has rather more references supporting it. This means, unavoidably, that a few conversions are in conflict with statements in The Lord of the Rings for example, IV translates as Shire year , despite the clear statement in the Prologue that it was To maintain consistent conversions, the occasional discrepancy like this is unfortunately unavoidable.

But they have, I think, quickened; and I imagine we are actually at the end of the Sixth Age, or in the Seventh. This note is especially interesting, as it gives some ground for bringing Tolkien's dating system up to date. The fact that we are 'at the end of the Sixth Age, or in the Seventh' hints strongly that Tolkien saw some important historical event as marking the recent or imminent end of the Sixth Age. Nine are chosen to undertake this quest, they comprise the Fellowship of the Ring.

The War of the Ring ends in March, The deeds of the Fellowship and the history of the War of the Ring, as told in the Lord of the Rings , are too great and numerous to be recounted here.

From the Creation of Middle-earth to the War of the Ring

The Fourth Age begins. Those that remain, along with the Hobbits and Dwarves, dwindle in number and hide from humans, to whom they are lost. Breadcrumb Home Cite Middle-earth Timeline. Updated February 28, Infoplease Staff. See also:.

Middle-earth Timeline. War of the Ring. The White Tree of Gondor dies and is left standing.

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No seedling can be found. The Shire Bilbo Baggins is born. Sauron returns to Mordor. Middle-earth The War of the Ring Top. Rivendell Elrond reveals to his ward "Estel" his true name and heritage and presents him with the greatest heirloom of Arnor, the shards of the ancient sword Narsil. Middle-earth Last meeting of the White Council. Saruman fortifies Isengard and sets spies on Gandalf.

The Fourth Age

Gandalf and Aragorn meet and become friends. The Shire Frodo Baggins is born. Middle-earth Aragorn enters Lorien and meets Arwen again. Theoden becomes King of Rohan.

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The Shire Saruman risks using one of the seeing stones and is unknowingly enslaved to the will of Sauron. The Shire Bilbo hosts his farewell feast on his th birthday, and gives Frodo the Ring. Middle-earth Gandalf and Aragorn sporadically hunt for Gollum.

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Rivendell Bilbo becomes a guest of Elrond and settles in Rivendell. Middle-earth The Fourth Age begins.

The History of Arda: The Fourth Age

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