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The Gospel of Atheism and Freethought: According to Sherlock and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Gospel of Atheism and Freethought: according to Sherlock Paperback – June 19, Start reading The Gospel of Atheism and Freethought: According to.
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Laws of logic prescribe the correct chain of reasoning between truth claims. It is snowing.

Therefore, it is cold out. Laws of logic, like modus ponens , are immaterial, universal, invariant, abstract entities.

Excerpt From ‘The Faith of Christopher Hitchens’

They are universal and invariant because they apply in all places and at all times modus ponens works just as well in Africa as it does in the United States, and just as well on Friday as it does on Monday. And they are abstract because they deal with concepts. They are immaterial, universal, invariant, abstract entities, because God is an immaterial Spirit , omnipresent, unchanging God who has all knowledge Colossians The law of non-contradiction, for example, stems from the fact that God does not deny Himself 2 Timothy The Christian can account for laws of logic; they are the correct standard for reasoning because God is sovereign over all truth.

However, the atheist cannot account for laws of logic. He cannot make sense of them within his own worldview. How could there be immaterial, universal, invariant, abstract laws in a chance universe formed by a big bang? Most atheists have a materialistic outlook—meaning they believe that everything that exists is material, or explained by material processes. But laws of logic are not material! You cannot pull a law of logic out of the refrigerator! If atheistic materialism is true, then there could be no laws of logic, since they are immaterial. Thus, logical reasoning would be impossible!

No one is denying that atheists are able to reason and use laws of logic. The point is that if atheism were true, the atheist would not be able to reason or use laws of logic because such things would not be meaningful. The fact that the atheist is able to reason demonstrates that he is wrong. By using that which makes no sense given his worldview, the atheist is being horribly inconsistent. How could there be laws at all without a lawgiver? The atheist cannot account for 1 the existence of laws of logic, 2 why they are immaterial, 3 why they are universal, 4 why they do not change with time, and 5 how human beings can possibly know about them or their properties.

But of course, all these things make perfect sense on the Christian system. Laws of logic owe their existence to the biblical God. Yet they are required to reason rationally, to prove things.

So the biblical God must exist in order for reasoning to be possible. The existence of the biblical God is the prerequisite for knowledge and rationality. It is a devastating and conclusive argument, one that only a few people have even attempted to refute and none of them successfully. Though the transcendental argument for God is deductively sound, not all atheists will be convinced upon hearing it.

It may take time for them to even understand the argument in the first place. As I write this chapter, I am in the midst of an electronic exchange with an atheist who has not yet fully grasped the argument.

Real-life discussions on this issue take time. But even if the atheist fully understands the argument, he may not be convinced. We must remember that there is a difference between proof and persuasion. Proof is objective, but persuasion is subjective. The transcendental argument does indeed objectively prove that God exists.

We might imagine a disobedient child who is about to be punished by his father. Atheists deny with their lips the biblical God, not for logical reasons, but for psychological reasons.

It is the Holy Spirit that must give him the ability to repent 1 Corinthians ; 2 Timothy So we must keep in mind that it is not our job to convert people—nor can we. Our job is to give a defense of the faith in a way that is faithful to the Scriptures 1 Peter It is the Holy Spirit that brings conversion.

But God can use our arguments as part of the process by which He draws people to Himself. Do you have answers to the big questions about the Christian faith, evolution, creation, and the biblical worldview? Now you get the important information you need regarding the existence of God, global warming and climate change, cloning and stem cells, human and chimp DNA, the importance of Mount St.

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Helens, and more. Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry , dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. View Cart.

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Jason Lisle on September 9, Reprinted by permission of the author. Several Christian magazines have trumpeted Mr. Secular publications have been kind, too, with Publishers Weekly noting Mr. But in an article by the Religion News Service last month, friends of Mr.

The Gospel of Christian Atheism

Steve Wasserman, a literary agent and editor, and an executor of Mr. Having evangelical friends is a testament to Mr. In an interview, Mr. Taunton said that his rather modest claims were being misunderstood. Taunton, 48, said.

Did Jesus Exist? | American Atheists

Do I think he had a conversion? While The Christian Post declared that, according to the book, Mr. Taunton said that was wrong: Even if Mr. Hitchens had come to some sort of belief, it is not clear what he would have believed in. Jesus Christ? An indescribable higher power? Hitchens learned his mother, and thus he, was Jewish? For some of us, our atheism is central to our self-identity and drives what we do. Atheists come in all political stripes.

Some are Republicans; others are Democrats. Probably some voted for Jill Stein last time around. I voted for Bernie Sanders. It is definitely true that some atheists are angry — at religion, at religious people, at the government — but not all of us are.

Believe No One Who Calls Himself an Atheist

Some are fabulously happy, but not all of us are. That sure would be nice! But that is changing. For one thing, I got to know a lot about the Satanic Temple , a nontheistic religion that venerates Satan as a symbol of rebellion against oppressive authority. Similarly, when I attended the annual conference of an organization formed to help nonbelieving high school and college students called the Secular Student Association in July , I learned that getting out and helping people is a key concern for young secularists.

Speaker after speaker urged the atheists in the audience to go out into the world and actively serve their communities. How would you like it if your kids were forced to say that every day before class? When the government forces you as a kid to affirm something about the nature of the universe that you think is fundamentally incorrect, it tends to stick with you. Everybody in the United States has the right to practice their religion and to talk about how great it is and even to try to get other people to believe it too.